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Limited blue vinyl+digital edition (300 copies)
GZH71 | Release Date : February 17th, 2017

EARTH is the third opus of FOUDRE! - a telluric drone qu​artet​ composed of Frédéric D. Oberland (Oiseaux-Tempête, The Rustle Of The Stars​, FareWell Poetry​), Romain Barbot (Saåad, I Pilot Dæmon)​,​ Grégory Buffier (Saåad, Autre​n​oir), Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf, Extreme Preca​u​tions​, Autrenoir​)​, featuring electric chimeras by Christine Ott​ ​on ondes martenot. ​

​Commissioned by Silke Schmickl from Lowave for the festival 'Singapour Mon Amour'​ in Paris, this album was recorded in the 16th century gothic church of Saint-Merry ​in ​June 2015​ as​ a live soundtrack performance for EARTH ​- ​an experimental film directed by one of the most important Singaporean contemporary artists, Ho Tzu Nyen​. Acclaimed by art and film critics worldwide and presented at some of the most prestigious international film festivals (Cannes, Venice, Rotterdam..)​, EARTH is inspired by the works of classical European painters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Delacroix​. ​The film unfolds dramatically as the camera moves across a theatrically choreographed scene involving 50 actors, as the details of a post-apocalyptic landscape are revealed frame by frame.

Ho Tzu Nyen on E​ARTH​:
“We see the site of an unknown disaster, the debris of history that constitutes the story of Earth. Upon the site, lay fifty 50 humans oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death. Sometimes, one of them emerges into the foreground - clutching a fist, batting an eyelid, or weeping for his neighbor. At other times, these figures recede from the light, losing their individual shapes to form a gigantic organism, breathing in unison, pulsating like a jellyfish, though their journey across Earth.”

Original soundtrack​ by FOUDRE!​ recorded live by Samuel Navel at église Saint-Merry, Paris, on the 7th of June 2015 during the 'Singapour Mon Amour' festival curated by Lowave & Les Rendez-Vous Contemporains // Edited by FOUDRE! at Magnum Diva Studio // Mixed by Samuel Navel // Mastered by Lawrence English // Still-frames by Ho Tzu Nyen // Graphic design by Iam Sailor // Thank you Silke, Jeremy, Mickaël, Taissa, Patricia, Baptiste, Marguerite, Frédéric, Eglantine & Babbel Productions, As Human Pattern & Gizeh Records​


released February 17, 2017

Frédéric D. Oberland​ /​ mellotron, analog synths, buzuk
Romain Barbot​ /​ electronics
Gregory Buffier​ /​ ​acoustic laptop​, electric guitar
Paul Régimbeau​/​ analog synths
Christine Ott​ /​ ondes martenot


LIBERATION (FR): "Un supergroupe de super-sondeurs des profondeurs, qui se réunit ponctuellement pour des sessions d'improvisation rituelle où il invoque par le bruit et le bourdon les divinités du chaos et de la désolation"

A CLOSER LISTEN (USA): 'In light of its genesis, perhaps the best way to approach the recording is backwards, as the last 48 seconds make the greatest impression. It’s only then that the home listener realizes the album has been one long take, as the sizable audience erupts into applause. Yet at no time throughout has their presence been felt: not a cough, not a shuffle, not a whisper, not a phone. This astonishment underlines the transfixing nature of the recording, which takes the listener on a journey from soft wind to electronic apocalypse.'

FLUID RADIO (UK): 'This album quickly became a highlight of the last five years for me to listen to. The music is deeply affecting, never trite, with clear statements, brevity, and a beginning, middle and end accordingly. Let us hope there is more to arise from the fogs of procrastination and travel logistics from this group, something that only denies them that ‘Earth’ they may be looking to settle into. This record makes the gruelling massively simple, it’s that good. Well done guys. – Highly recommended!'

NOISEY (FR): "41 minutes de décharge live en plein cœur d’une église parisienne. Troisième album d'un groupe qui oscille entre drone, ambient et post-rock, EARTH accompagne le film du même nom et rappelle qu'Oberland, Buffier, Barbot, Régimbeau et Ott n'ont que peu d'égaux au sein de notre Hexagone chéri."

TEXTURA (CA): 'The five musicians methodically work their way through the forty-one-minute soundtrack, which is presented as six indexed tracks but unfolds without interruption. Likening it to a pulsating behemoth isn't inaccurate, especially when a droning undercurrent is often present. Stimulating the senses, synthesizer sequencer patterns and ondes martenot flourishes add cinematic colour to a raw, heaving base whose thrust gives the material urgency and momentum.'

NEW NOISE MAGAZINE (FR): "La bande-son idéale pour accompagner les derniers souffle d'une civilisation, les tressauts d'une machine agonisante."

ROCKERILLA (IT): 'Una eterea sinfonia apocalittica'

AURAL AGGRAVATION (UK): 'The elongated drones gradually turn, vaporous and ethereal, twisted and thick inspire reflection and projection: you empty yourself, casting your uncertainties into the sonic vortex, to find your emotional fragilities offered back in return. This is a film soundtrack – and one performed and recorded live, as the rapturous applause at the end reminds us – but in the space between, this becomes your soundtrack. Immerse yourself.'

INDIEPOPROCK (FR): "Grandiose et vaporeux, FOUDRE! nous fait tanguer en eaux troubles."

HEARFEEL (UK): 'Earth is a smooth ride that moves at its own pace, sliding from one painterly vista to the next like a museum on a conveyor.'

X-SILENCE (FR): "Mellotrons, synthés analogiques, guitares électriques oniriques, ondes martenot, il ne manquerait plus que Earth sache faire le café. Il faut dire que pour un type comme moi, qui s'imagine régulièrement que s'il ferme les yeux et serre les fesses assez fort peut-être pourra-t-il être transporté par magie dans l'Allemagne kraut des 70's, rien ne sonne plus classe qu'un bain analogique fortement typé – quoique brillamment remis au goût du jour par des marionnettistes virtuoses qu'on sait trop appliqués à repousser quotidiennement les frontières du genre pour se laisser aller ici à une nostalgie paresseuse. FOUDRE! déploie des ailes vastes qui enveloppent entièrement l'auditeur dès la première minute. Et de ces ailes la Bête bat lentement, avec majesté ; chaque mouvement est ample et suffit à provoquer une onde de choc qui nous cloue sur place."

DE SUBJECTIVISTEN (NL): 'Denk aan een nachtelijke grog van Brian Eno, Ekca Lina, Saåad, Thomas Köner, Svarte Greiner, James Welburn en John Carpenter - The Master of Horror. Het is huiveringwekkend, gitzwart, krachtig en van een bijzondere pracht.'

METALORGIE (FR): "FOUDRE! nous offre avec Earth une invitation au voyage qui ne pourra que ravir les amateurs de rêves ensorcelés, où à travers les nappes embrumées s’opère un vagabondage de l’esprit. Il est parfois bon de prendre le temps d’avoir la tête dans les nuages."




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FOUDRE! France

Frédéric D. Oberland
Romain Barbot
Grégory Buffier
Paul Régimbeau
Christine Ott

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